Lifelong musician Pete Collins -(clarinet & saxophone) played full time with several groups while finishing his degree at Suffolk University and Colby College. In NY he appeared at Ryan's & Condon's; at the Famous Door in New Orleans and with the Jazz Ramblers in Zurich. Locally Pete appeared on the "Good Day" show (Ch. 5), the "Club" (Ch. 2) and with such famous jazz musicians as: Max Kaminsky, J.C. Higgenbotham, and Marie Marcus. Pete has most recently played with his band, the Jazz Band Ball, in various incarnations from Cape Code to the Coast of Maine.

Terry Foster has been playing the piano since the age of five. He studied classical music in college and over the years he has taught piano, played in dance bands, folk groups, served as an accompanist for pop singers and dance studios as well as being a church musician and entertainer in local restaurants and clubs. He has a particular heart for traditional New Orleans Jazz and the talent to celebrate it with great joy!

Bill Thurston on drums - He has played with some of the finest bands in Maine. The Bobby Nelson Trio, Modern Times, Lew Graves and the Persuasions, The Generation Gap, Standard Edition, and The Bellamy Jazz Band. Engagements with these bands have taken him from Moosehead Lake to The Copley Plaza in Boston.

Dr. Jeff Grosser - A NYC native who performed at Carnegie Hall, his musical versatility encompasses piano, accordion, plectrum banjo, and violin. He has performed with many superstars including Ed Sullivan, Sammy Davis Jr. & Jerry Lewis. With credentials too vast to publish here - Jeff brings tremendous musical gravitas to the State Street TJB.

Tom Wilbur on tuba is a founding member of the State Street Traditional Jazz Band. His wonderful technique and passionate style have won him many fans. He is a master in his field and loved by many.

Paul Mattor on banjo - tenor banjo was his first instrument. As a three year old his mother would place the beast on his lap; it's seemingly massive weight pinning him down. This was the gateway to years of musical passion as an upright and electric bassist in widely diverse groups and styles, from Finnish dances to surf rock, never straying too far from our traditional roots.

Don Whitney - born in Portland in the 1940's to musical parents. Purchased a 1930's drum set in a hoc shop window in 1962. Member of the Seaside City Six traditional style New Orleans Jazz in high school. Has played throughout New England with some of the finest traditional jazz bands and renowned jazz artists. Has been a drummer with the State TJB since 2006.