"I have followed his band since its inception in 1989. It is always a joyful experience. This music crosses all ages and boundaries!" Carolyn Vetro, Maritime Professional


"Highly recommended. I can't recommend them highly enough. I put this music on and dance around my kitchen!"

–  Maxine Morris, Retired Teacher


"This band pays homage to the Original Preservation Hall Jazz Band and recalls the authentic music of the founding members like the Humphrey Brothers, Sweet Emma, Narvin Kimball, etc. I love it!" - Belinda Kennedy, Professional Artist / Photographer

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Bill Rayne - trombone; Doug Protsik - piano (Danny Patt's protégée); Paul Mattor - banjo; Pat Whitaker - tuba; John Page - trumpet; Don Whitney - drums; Peter Dunphy - banjo 

Bill Rayne - trombone; Danny Patt - piano; Barry Daniels - clarinet; Tom Wilbur - tuba; John Page - trumpet; Jay Smith - drums; Pete Collins - clarinet; "Doc" Wes English - banjo

26 Overlook Drive Richmond ME 04357 us

Our Story

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"Where can I purchase tickets for the February 21st Mardi Gras event in Portland? My family saw this wonderful band last night at Phippsburg CC, and we are still reeling from the experience. Now that is Jazz! Thank you so much. Jeanette A.

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Customer Raves

"What a wonderful concert! The walls still resonate the joy experienced by all (and the ceiling got a little higher. It was a terrific way to launch the new year! We look forward to having you back." Wayne B. - Concert Coordinator, Phippsburg Congregational Church, Phippsburg, Maine

"We loved the concert and we love your band. What a powerful and moving experience for all of us. Your members in the band are such wonderful and caring guys. I wish the world were more like all of you. Rev. Jeanette A. Good, PhD, State Street, UCC, Portland, Maine

The State Street Traditional Jazz Band pays homage to  music birthed over 100 years past to its authentic origins at the turn of the 20th Century. These enchanting sounds were heard then in New Orleans and throughout the Louisiana Delta region.

However, following WW I, jazz moved north out of New Orleans, and in the course of the move it inevitably began to change.....

Yet, many musical greats kept it alive such as the Original Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Louis Armstrong, "Kid" Thomas Valentine, Sweet Emma Barrette, the Humphrey Brothers, etc.

Sadly, today those music legends have passed, but the State Street Traditional Jazz Band is dedicated to playing, preserving and keeping this music alive!~

This is not  "Dixieland" nor is it "Straw Hat" music - this is the REAL DEAL, folks. It doesn't get any better than this.....