Pete is originally from Massachusetts but was brought up in Belfast and Gardiner, Maine. After his discharge from the Marine Corps he played full time in Boston and Cape Cod while finishing his degree from Suffolk University. His career in the footwear industry required a lot of travel and he met and played with many greats including Max Kaminsky, J.C. Higginthobothom, George Wettling, Jimmy Rushing, Red Allen, Jimmy McPartland, Sol Yaged, Bobby Hacket, Dick Creeden, Don and Al Doan and Muriel Haverstein. Some of the better known locations he has performed in include the original Father's Mustache in Boston, Jimmy Ryan's in NY, the Famous Door in New Orleans, Ned Kelly's in Kowloon, the Jazz Ramblers in Zurich, the River Walk in San Antonio and "The Rat" in Boston! He has a group of his own called The Jazz Band Ball and over the years has appeared frequently with the Pickle Barrel Five, the Righteous Jazz Band, the Down East Jazz Babies, and currently appears with the Dukes of Winsor and the State Street Traditional Jazz Band.

The Great Pete Collins on

clarinet ------->

Doug Protsik on piano had been a giant in the music scene of Maine for 40 years. He has played since age 5. He is also known through out the US & abroad for his fiddle and accordion folk music. Once a guest of 'Prairie Home Companion', Doug is also the gifted protégée of silent movie pianist, Danny Patt who was a founding member of the State Street TJB. Doug directs the Maine Fiddle Camp and continues the tradition of accompanying silent movies as well.

Barry Daniels - brilliant clarinetist. He has been playing since age 9. Played in the WW I Veterans Marching Band, Bellamy Jazz Band, National Sidewalk Over Easy Brass Band with Strings & is a founding member of the State Street TJB. His greatest musical influence is Portland Symphony's clarinetist, the renowned Maurice Lane.

Bill Rayne, master trombonist & gifted vocalist. He is a founding member of Bellamy Jazz Band and State Street TJB. He was highly influenced by Jack Teagarden. Frequently plays and sings in church, which has endowed him with great empathy and soul for the parade and hymn music of New Orleans.

Peter Dunphy - genius of banjo, guitar and vocals - has been playing since age 14. Successfully ran the Bellamy Jazz Band with his late father, Roy Dunphy. Studied classical guitar at USM. Continues to play in multiple bands throughout New England & still co-manages Bellamy JB.

John T. Page - the founder & manager, studied and played trumpet since age 7. One of the founding members of Bellamy Jazz Band, as well as having played in Ted Manduca's Big Band & the People's Community Concert Band. In the early 1970's as a Maine Maritime Academy grad, while shipping out of the Port of New Orleans, he was thrilled and captivated by the sounds of the 'Original' Preservation Hall Jazz Band. He is dedicated to keeping this original music alive ...