John Page - Trumpet

Barry Daniels - Clarinet

Bill Rayne - Trombone

Doug Protsik - Piano

Don Whitney - Drums

Dr. Jeffrey Grosser - Banjo

Paul Mattor - Banjo

Tuba: Pat Whitaker

Track 1: Vocals by John Page

Track 2: Vocals by Bill Rayne

Track 3: Vocals by: Doug Protsik

Track 4: Vocals by: Paul Mattor

Track 5: Vocals by John Page

Track 6: Vocals by: John Page &

             Dr. Jeff Grosser

  • Tishomingo Blues8:22
  • Ain't She Sweet4:57
  • Darktown Strutter's Ball4:29
  • I've Found a New Baby6:07
  • Big Butter & Egg Man5:56
  • When the Saint's Go Marching In8:44

"The State Street Traditional Jazz Band is dedicated to

 Playing" & Preserving the "Rousing" music made famous in

New Orleans at the turn of the last Century in the tradition of the

"Original" Preservation Hall Jazz Band."

Ricocheting Off the Moon Since 1989 ...

Recorded by:  GIZ DANIELS