CD Available via snail mail. Send $18 (includes shipping & handling) to: Ann Page, 26 Overlook Drive, Richmond, ME 04357


Front Row (left to right):

Peter Dunphy, 1st banjo; Barry Daniels, clarinet; John Page, trumpet; Bill Rayne, trombone

Back Row (left to right)

Don Whitney, drums; Pat Whitaker (seated) tuba; Doug Protsik, piano; Paul Mattor, 2nd banjo

DVD Avialable via snail mail. Send $23.00 (includes shipping & handling to:

Ann Page, 26 Overlook Drive, Richmond, ME 04357

​FABULOUS Live Performance at The Portland House of Music, Portland, Maine!

Founded in 1989, the State Street Traditional Jazz Band pays homage to the joyful music that was born at the turn of the last Century and was heard playing throughout New Orleans and the Louisiana Delta.

This is not Dixieland nor is it straw hat music but rather the original rhythms that birthed jazz in New Orleans and were played by its founding musicians such as: Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, the Humphry Brothers, James Edward "Sing" Miller, Narvin Kimball, Jim Robinson and Sweet Emma Barrett (to mention only a few).

The music on this CD is much more than music - it is a living art form played by master musical giants in their own right ...