The Great Peter Dunphy ...

hangs a SSTJB tie in NO, LA 

Celebrating Valentine's Day - Mardi Gras

at the Victoria Mansion, Portland, Maine 2016


<---The very lovely Lauren LaFrance

in Mardi Gras attire with her favorite band.


Every member of this band has a passion to play and preserve Traditional New Orleans Jazz and by capturing the original "Preservation Hall Jazz Band" era of music, John Page, founder and leader has  brought his love of traditional New Orleans Jazz to the forefront of the music scene since 1987. He has spent his life studying, playing and interfacing with the most influential New Orleans musicians of his generation.

   Ricocheting off the

    Moon since 1989 ...

     Bridging the...

   "Best of the Best"

     New Orleans

     Traditional Jazz

to Future Generations....